Nat Photography



I came to the state in 2012 as an international student from Thailand. I turned myself into a wedding photographer after I was graduated a master degree in MBA because I want to do this the rest of my life. However, I want y'all to know more about me that I'm not only shooting pictures but I also do these activities below.

Here's what I love to do.


I have been practicing yoga since May 2016 and I love it. I've learned so many from practicing yoga such as being patience, calm, and consistency. I practice yoga at Summit Gym!


Climbing is my every day workout. Summit climbing gym at Grapevine is my place to go. I climb there around 3-5 times every week. Hit me up if you want to try climbing!


I love chocolate. Therefore, if you want to give me a gift but you have no idea. BUY ME CHOCOLATE.


Traveling and camping is my favorite thing in the world. If traveling is free, you would never see me again. haha. These are places I have been to.