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Meet My latest Nephew

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.
— George Santayana

After I finished 3 days of taking engagement pictures for Mona and Dhruv, I stay with my uncle the last two days in LA. The most exciting thing for this visit is to meet my newest cousin, Sky Danial Chittamai.

"Thai food, Mexican food, or Vietnamese food?" My uncle asked me what we should get for dinner yesterday.

"Anything,  I know this answer doesn't help anything but I really mean anything." I gave him the answer. I was surprised how exhausted I was. The high season of Texas gave me 4-5 photo shoots each week. Well, no money no honey haha

We ended went to have dinner at Sanamluang Cafe for Thai food. The food was awesome. Y'all need to check out this place. We all came back to uncle's house after food except Sunny, who needed to go back for work.


Sky is probably going to be the most handsome boy in the world since he got good genes from every one. Sky has some Thai, Vietnamese, Hispanic, and Caucasian. I know right!


Isn't he the cutest? 

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