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Clients, Coffee, and Tattoo

I finished the last final exam this morning.


I was planning to head from Plano to Denton for meeting with wedding clients and then go to Dark Age Tattoo in Denton for a touch up. 

But here is what happened last night while I was texting with Olivia.

YEAHHHH. I was about to ask you. Let's go together.

I felt so bad that I didn't let her know. I told her before that I wanted her to come watch me cry during the session. haha

FYI, Olivia deserves to be the cover of my blog today. It's not only because she danced in my car all the way from Irving to Denton, back and fourth, but also she cheered me up not to cry during my tattoo touch up session. You are awesome. (APPLAUSE) 

Let's make a candid picture. Can you look at your coffee?

Olivia DeLaney

At West Oak Coffee Shop, Denton

Hey Austin, Can I have a small hot chocolate, a small hot mocha, and a piece of triple chocolate mint pie?

"Are you in chocolate mood today, Nat?"

Oh well. I love chocolate. haha


Guessing Who My Client Is.

It doesn't happen very often to meet someone without knowing their faces before, especially in the world with Facebook. I supposed to meet with Westin at 1 PM at the coffee shop. I told Olivia to guess who is going to be my clients. It was a fun game while waiting for them.

"That couple is cute! The guy with a teal beanie and his girlfriend. They must be my clients."

I texted Westin to inform that I was already at the coffee shop.

"We are here too with a King card, for his order!

My guess was correct! 

Westin is a fun musician guy who is getting married with Alex, a fun and beautiful dancer.
This couple is beautiful and very fun. I also love their tattoos. Mannn, I'm such a lucky wedding photographer.

After a short introduction, I started presenting all information they need to know before hiring me as a wedding photographer. 
I want my client to know what they are paying for and if we will get along well.

Everything went smooth. It was aways fun meeting up with clients.

"Do you know that the Dr.Strange is coming next?" "It's going to be Dr. Stranger"
Believe me. It was really funny at that time. lol

We stop by the Opera House.

"Nat! Stop taking picture and come here." Yes, ma'am. Selfie please, Look on her left hand. lol

I took this picture after the tattoo was done two months ago.

I took this picture after the tattoo was done two months ago.

Touch Up

I had this tattoo for two months and it was the time for touch up.
This is my second tattoo. Here is the first one if you want to see.

Jacob, the tattoo artist, touched up only about 30 minutes. He touched up the stroke around the Mandara.

I never posted this tattoo before. I wasn't ready and did not want to freak my mom out. But, I guess, now I'm ready.

The tattoo is Octopus with Mandala.

The meaning of Octopus

The ability of the octopus surviving tough condition can also be a way of showing that the bearer is ready for the challenges in life and that they can go through it all. 

Other symbols of the octopus include focus, illusion, strategic, flexibility, magic, defense, diversity, potency, fertility, complexity and creativity.


The meaning of Mandala

The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means "circle".  A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.

The symbolism behind the creation of a mandala can have significant meaning for many individuals whether they are Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan or of any other religious orientation.  



Olivia is waiting for the hat trend to come.

Olivia is waiting for the hat trend to come.