Nat Photography


Christmas 2016

Christmas can't be better without family. 

I woke up early to drop my uncle and his wife off at the airport. He will be in Thailand until early February. 

Every time I see people go back to their country makes me want to drop everything and go back home too. Four years is very long since the last time I was from Thailand.

"When was the last time you visit Thailand?" - Another typical question when you meet a foreigner or an international student. 

"I haven't been back since I got here in 2012." I answered.

My two years plan is to make this wedding photography business legal in the states. Therefore, I can work without study and may be settle down in this beautiful country. The lawyer I talked with recommended me to have $150,000 for the business capital.

No one believes me I can do this. $150k is a lot of money.

I have two years to prove y'all wrong. Watch me. 

I arrived at Charlie's house at 4PM on time. We had dinner all together and played Trivia Murder Party . I really recommend this game for family. We played 8 players on the same time for a couple hours straight. It was super fun.

I can't imagine if I don't have any family in here. I'm going to be very lonely though.

I love my family so much.