Nat Photography


Dallas Museum of Art

I was planning to get there in the afternoon but my laziness was holding me until almost 3PM. 

It was really hot. I have a sticky pad on my car dash to hold my little Japanese cat on the top. Today I noticed that the pad was MELTED!!!. Texas heat just beat the Chinese's product.

Normally, I don't really into the museum because I have been there like ten times in the past three years. All stuff were mostly the same except the pieces of art were changed for each exhibition.

I felt like those arts were too deep for me to understand. I mean I don't really understand at all except they were interesting and expensive. Of cause, art is always expensive.

Also, I ran into Sonali. An indian friend that I took her portrait two years ago and now she got PhD for Biology. AWESOME.

I chose to do all the photo in 1:1 because I got to see a documentary about Vivian Mier from one of good friends sent the link to me. I didn't finish the documentary tho but she took amazing photos and most of them are 1:1. So, I like them and I try mine too.