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Dallas After Days of Rain

Facebook messenger pop a text from Wisanu from Boonrawd Photography.

4:30 PM
Wisanu: Do you want to shoot Dallas skyline today? Let's meet at 5:30 PM

I was at 1418 Coffee house in Plano at the time editing picture from the session I was just finish shooting. I was actually very tired from photographing three couples at Collin College studio for my Portfolio class assignment. However, photographing city skyline always get me excited. I can't turn down this offer.

Nat: YES! I'll meet you there!

Wisanu sent me the location for shooting Dallas skyline. This spot is very popular and I do believe most of photographers in Dallas know this spot very well. 

The reflection of Dallas skyline is something you can't see every day. Trinity river need to fill up with days of heavy rain. Therefore, the trinity trail will be flooded and you can see Dallas skyline from there. 

I arrived the location on time and headed to the spot. The first thing I saw was a bunch of photographers were already there! We knew it's the time to get this shot before the water is gone.

I got to meet Scottie Nguyen from Scottie Nguyen Photography, Justin Terveen from Justin Terveen PhotographySaumya Kopi and other photographers. It was like an unannounced meeting. We know it's a perfect time to get Dallas skyline pictures.

Wisanu is look at the beautiful Dallas Skyline.

Wisanu is look at the beautiful Dallas Skyline.

6:06 PM

6:26 PM


6:20 PM


5:53 PM


6:19 PM

6:30 PM


Wisanu was busy taking this view of Dallas skyline with rocks. I was wondering why he was sitting at those rock quite a while. Therefore, I followed his step. It's always good to learn different perspectives from photographers. That's why your idea won't stuck in a box.