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Over these past years, I have many photographer friends came to shadow me taking pictures in wedding. They wanted to get into wedding photography industry, so they needed to build portfolio. As a result, I usually give them feedbacks about how they did and what they could use to improve their skills. I'm not claiming that I know everything but I do know my mistakes. Therefore, I think it's a good time to list top 5 mistakes I did what I started in wedding photography for yall. PLEASE AVIOD THESE MISTAKES.


Get closer to your subject.

I was a shy photographer when I started in wedding photography. I was afraid that I would interrupt moments in the wedding if I get too close to couples or I'll block the view of the main photographer.

You should try to get closer to the subject. You might be able to photograph the bride's tear, smile, and other things that you can see when you get closers to the bride. Just like Robert Capa, a famous photographer, said.

"If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough."


Increase ISO.

As a photographer, the lower ISO provides less grain in the pictures, which mean high quality pictures. Do clients care about grain??? No, they are not. Clients want to get a good focused, not blur, pictures of them. Raise your ISO and make sure you have high enough speed shutter to capture the moment. I photographed at ISO 2000-5000 if I need to. Then I use LR to de-noise afterward.


Change the Battery at 50%.

I had my camera died right during the send-off. Yes, it happened. My camera had 50% of the battery left. I have been using this batteries for years and their efficiency can be decreased. I wasn't sure what is the reason but from then. I change battery when it show 50%. Just for safety.  Luckily, on the wedding that my camera died, my second photographer could captured the send-off perfectly.

Hmmmm Lucky me.


Back up your data.

I used to save my pictures in an external hard drive without a backup. Yes, that was a very bad idea. The past five years, I lost two external hard drive and three of them stop working just in front of me. 

You need at least two sources to store your date. If you have Amazon Prime, that's an amazing Cloud for your photos because you can upload unlimited pictures to Amazon Drive. YES UNLIMITED!

I have 1 TB external hard drive for everyday use and one 8 TB external hard drive at home. The 8 TB is the second back up incase I lost an external hard drive.

Trust me. Back up your data when you still can!

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 9.58.09 AM.png

Do not delete RAW files.



I deleted all the raw files from 2012-2013 because I thought I didn't need those files anymore. I WAS WRONG.

I exported all the pictures in JPEG of 2012-2013 and believed that would be enough. However, my editing style has been changing over time and I wanted to change the edited of my old pictures. I can't. I do not have their RAW files. 

RAW files have very high value than you thought. Please do not delete them and make the same mistake I did.


Hope y'all get have learned something from my mistake and PLEASE DO NOT do what I did.

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