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Wedding Invitations from Basic Invite

It has been long since I started photograph weddings. I have seen most of my brides spend hours designing their wedding invitation because they want to make their wedding perfect. I thought it would be great if there is a company do all of this work for them by providing designs, professional printing and put everything together. Therefore, all the brides have to do is add their pictures, wedding details, and DONE!

Wedding Schedule and Coaster

Wedding Schedule and Coaster

Coaster and Magnet

Coaster and Magnet

Let Basic Invite help you with your wedding invitations.

I’ve known Basic Invite for a few years and I really love how the company works with creatives and artists. I’m writing this blog because I want to let yall know how Basic Invite will make your wedding planing easier. Here is a few things about Basic Invite can do for your;

  • Free Wedding Websites

    • You definitely need one of this in 2019. You can have all your wedding details along with images and map. The wedding website can also have a color match with your paper invitation!

  • Almost Unlimited Colors

    • There is more than 180 different color options for you!

  • Custom Samples

    • See the invitations in person before you order. This is very important.

  • Over 900 Wedding Invitation Sets

    • I promise, there will be an invitation set that you love.

Free Wedding Websites

Free Wedding Websites

Free Wedding Websites

Let’s talk about free wedding website from Basic Invite a bit because I think this is very important for 2019.

Many millennials do not care about getting a physical invitation since we most likely to go paperless and want to save the earth by killing less tree. You can send your your wedding website to your friends and coworkers instead of a paper invitation.

However, I would recommend to send paper invitation to your family and people who is important to you. I definitely understand. My uncle gets to access the Internet once a week and check his email once a month. Therefore, I would send him an invitation by mail.

In short, this method would help you save some money from ordering invitations!

Graduation Announcement & Invitation

Basic Invite prints all kind of stationary, not only for weddings. I also recommend my clients to use Basic Invite for their announcement and invitations. Let Basic Invite helps do the design and printing while you focus on other things.

Wedding Coasters

Basic Invite has over 90 professionally designed looks. Each design can be personalized instantly to match your wedding colors. And there are no color limitations which means you are free to make as many changes as you would like at no additional cost. Each coaster is printed using the latest print technology and on a premium 200lb matte cardstock. Thanks to this technology your coasters will have crisp, clean letters, photos, and graphics.



Thank you card, Seal & Send Wedding Invitations, Wedding Coasters

Thank you card, Seal & Send Wedding Invitations, Wedding Coasters

Basic Invite supports local photographers.

I’ve been working with Basic Invite for a good time. They always support local photographers. Therefore, when you use Basic Invite means you help your photographers too.

Please let me know if yall have any question about their service. The most important factor of using Basic Invite for me is they will get you the correct color. I’m a professional photographer and I’m super nerdy about printing color. All my work would mean nothing if the final product come with a wrong color.

Shoot me an email to get a code for 20% off your order.