Nat Photography


Photography is my passion. I do not only take wedding photos but also do portraits, landscapes, and street photography. This section represents my perspective on how I see the world through the lenses.


Having a baby is one of the most wonderful things in your life, as well as the hardest thing in your life.
— Nuno Bettencourt

It's always good to get back to Stephenville. I do miss the day in school with my friends. It's both happy and sad feeling. I had so much fun when I was studying in Tarleton State University (TSU), SO MUCH FUN.

Ariana is a month old baby girl from Rubi, her beautiful mommy. I knew Rubi from Annetta, which  is a friend from TSU. The baby session has it unique. I took pictures, waited for mommy to feed the baby, took pictures, and repeated.

We were lucky that the weather was SO GREAT. It was not hot or cold. The Stephenville museum was not busy also. We had a good time taking pictures.

I shoot this session with;