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Bar Hopping at Deep Ellum Dallas

I don't smoke, barely drink and I go club probably twice a year. I don't even now what is bar hopping until Abhishek introduced to me.

After meet up with friends in Denton and Plano, we headed to Dallas. First stop was the Library Bar at Warwick Melrose Hotel, Dallas

The bar was in a hotel and it was a lot small than we expected. I have no idea about ordering drink. Abhi ordered 2 Macallan 12 year for us. I would say it was very interesting.

After that we headed to Deep Ellum and check out the rest three bars which were, the Church, Dada Dallas, and Louie Louie's Piano Bar.

I brought my camera with me but I decided to put it back to my car's trunk because I don't want to keep worry about it. 

Therefore, all these photos were taken by iPhone 6s Plus. 

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