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Photography is my passion. I do not only take wedding photos but also do portraits, landscapes, and street photography. This section represents my perspective on how I see the world through the lenses.

Black Friday!!

I had such a great time with good friends from Stephenville. Luiza, Ellie, and Susi came from Stephenville to Dallas for Black Friday shopping :) :)

We know graduation is a one step forward from college to work. Basically, it means you will disconnect the most of your friends and to meet new friends in another area. However, the friendship from workplace and college can be difference. We connect with friends in college because we party together, drunk together, yeah some time we did study together. In work, we connect with colleagues because of duty and jobs. We normally connect from Monday through Friday 9-5. No weekend.

It's interesting for me how much I miss friends in school. Now, I'm making friends here in Dallas from scratch. It's fun tho :)


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