Nat Photography


Carley & Becca

I had so much fun working with these girls, Carley and Becca.

Carley and Becca are roommates and studying the same major, Psychology. They have met since they were freshmen and became good friends and roommates since then.

I didn't recognize Carley until she reminded me about a shot I took her picture in the Hendricks' wedding. She was dancing with fancy glasses in the front. Of course, she was the main target of the wedding photographer, me, on that day.

Both of them will pursue into graduate school after the finishing undergrad. They need a master to get license for their future job.

Good luck for both of you!

I shot this session with;
- Canon 5D markIII with Sigma 35 f/1.4
- Canon 6D with Sigma 85 f/1.4
- Profoto B2 with Beauty Dish