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Chicago Day1, Huge and Cold

Day 1

"8 days are too long for a trip. What are you going to do in Chicago for 8 days??"

Good question right? Abhishek asked me this great question week before my trip started. I had no answer. Then I realized that this trip to Chicago was going to be too long. My trip to Chicago was from Dec 28th to Jan 5th. The reason for that length of time was THE TICKET WAS CHEAP. 

After I came back from the Denver trip, 3 days 3 nights, I felt the trip was too long. I could finish exploring Denver city for a day or two. However, I was trying to change the flight to come back from Chicago early but it would cost me $200 more! (My roundtrip ticket was $160)

Therefore I decided to suck it up and added Michigan city to this trip for the last four days. Thing should work out well. I guess.

5AM flight was quite painful.

My flight from DFW to ORD was 5:15AM. I didn't realize it wasn't easy until the night before. You need to calculate back for time to get ready.

The flight was at 5:15AM,
which mean I should be at the airport 4AM,
which mean I should leave from my house on 3:30AM,
which mean I should wake up at 3AM.

I came back from a party with Thai people in Denton at 12AM, so I ended up go to bed at 1AM. I know. I got 2 hours of sleep at home and another 2 hour and a half during the flight. Good enough

"Cabin Crew, prepare for landing"

I woke up and look out at the window. HOLY BANANAS! CHICAGO SKYLINE AND SUNRISE!! The airplane flew pass to take a u-turn for landing on Lake Michigan. I pulled up my iPhone and took a couple shots. Then I reached to my Sony RX1 for the rest. I feel sorry to the Indian guy next to me who wanted to see the beautiful view of sunrise. I needed those shots buddy. 

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline during Sunrise

Chicago O'Hare Intl Airport

Chicago O'Hare Intl Airport

I texted Keaton right after I landed. Keaton moved to Chicago for his job last July. I met him at Summit Gym Grapevine. He used to be my climbing buddy until he moved out from Dallas. I totally forgot that Keaton moved to Chicago until he responded me on Facebook. I was such a lucky Asian having good friends around the places.

We had a break fast and stop by his place to drop my stuff. We headed out to downtown right afterward.

We used Chicago L system, train, to downtown because parking could be very painful. His apartment was around 20 minutes to downtown, which was perfect for me. 


Chicago Downtown

Cloud Gate at Millenium Park

We walked 28,553 steps, 11.4 miles, on the first day.

Keaton gave me a tour to see places. We were walked all the way through the lake side and downtown. The weather was very perfect, 35-45 degree, which was a warm day for Chicago.


Harris Theater

"Do you want me to take pictures of you?" Keaton asked. 

"Nah" I responded. Thanks though. lol

Maggie Delay Park is a cool rock climbing gym outdoor. However, it was closed due to the weather. 

Maggie Delay Park

You can find more detail of Maggie Daley Park and how to choose the best climbing harness from Jen Reivews by clicking the link below!

Maggie Daley Park

How to choose the best harness from Jen Reivews

BP Pedestrian Bridge

The park in front of Buckingham Fountain

Grant Park

Monroe Harbor

Navy Pier

My Aunt, Anne Chittamai, had a flight to Chicago that night. We met up last April's aunt's house for dinner and went to Lincoln Park Zoo for Christmas lights. I had fun spending time with my family.


Chicago is a HUGE and COLD city. I need to study more about taking pictures of the skyline of this beautiful city.