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Photography is my passion. I do not only take wedding photos but also do portraits, landscapes, and street photography. This section represents my perspective on how I see the world through the lenses.

Denver Day 2, Snow and Mountains

"Good afternoon sir, your tour is going to be CANCELED because we do not have enough people buy this tour. I'm so sorry."

I was desperately writing a blog at  Amyethyst coffee Co, Denver.

I was desperately writing a blog at Amyethyst coffee Co, Denver.

I bought three tours to go outside Denver and all of them got canceled due to lack of tourist. Isn't that crazy?

I thought it was going to be fun and cheaper to travel during the weekday instead of weekend. It turned out that tours need more people, of course, they come during the weekends. 

I'm going to get a coffee and write blogs all day.

That was a plan before Judy, Daniel's mom, called to rescue me from a saddened day.

We planned to have a family photo session in the evening. However, Judy got a car from her daughter early, so she could give me a tour of this beautiful Denver.


Heading to Golden, CO.

"We can go to Golden and Red Rock. It's not very far from Denver." Judy said.

"YASSSSSSSS" I responded.

We headed to Golden first. I was SUPER happy seeing mountain. getting bigger bigger as we were driving closer to them.


I was screaming when we were entering the city. Golden is right next from mountains. Mountains looked huge from the city. Snow was still cover the places.

Judy told me that she and David, her husband, wanted to get a house to stay after retire. However, the cost of of the house in this beautiful city is not cheap. More people were looking to get away from city and closer to nature.

Clear Creek

Clear Creek

Judy Hester, the guide tour today!

South Table Mountain Park

Venover Park

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater was about 30 minutes driving from Golden. It's more like a combo package if you come to visit this area. You should visit both places. Red Rocks was very famous for outdoor concert. We walked around area and through the museum before we headed back to see David.

View from Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks

Beautiful view of mountains

The amphitheater

Castle Rock

We got back to the house and David was done working. We headed to a mall in Castle Rock to drop Judy off for Christmas shopping. David and I headed to Castle Rock for a good hike.

I met David first time when I went to Daniel's house for his products shoot of beautiful desks. Y'all can check them out by click the links below.

Castle Rock trail was about 15 minute hike to the top. The trail was very beautiful because of the snow. The view on the top was amazing!

Caster Rock 

We hiked through the top. Snow wasn't melt yet. The view was amazing from here.

Daniels Park

David also took to me Daniels Park. The park was beautiful. Buffaloes were very normal to see in a farm.


In the evening, I took a family session for them. It was such a fun long day. Glad that Judy came to rescue me.