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Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop

I always believe photography is not magic. Therefore, there is no penalty from sharing what you know of photography. Last week, I created a page, Learning, that allow photographers that want to know my work process come to shadow me. It turned out I had around 15 photographers apply for this small program I created. For this very first workshop, Guy from, What's That Guy's Name? Photography, and Jordyn from Jordyn LeAnn Photography joined me on this workshop.

The rule of this workshop is one camera and one lens. The workshop focus on candid shots. Clients these days like to have candid shot rather than heavy pose photo sessions. I create this workshop like we all come to hangout rather than a serious photo shoots but we will end up learning something from each others.

Thank you Devin so much for being a good friend and professional model. Devin brought Judith and Jacqueline along to the workshop. These girls were amazing and fun to work with even in this Texas heat.