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Yoga and Politic

"Find ease in your strong pose."

Paula, Yogi at Summit Gym, says this repeatedly in her class, while all her students was shaking and pushing limit to the edge of their strong poses. Paula's class at 6pm is tough and every student knows. I have no wonder why her class is always packed. Because we want to be strong.

Last Friday night, I went to yoga class at Summit as usual. I got to Summit early, so I entered the room to get my spot. Paul was sweeping the floor, cleaning up the place, and adjusting room's temperature for the coming class.

"Do you want to go to the march tomorrow in Dallas? It should be a great opportunity for photography"

To be honest, I already said yes before she convinced me on the second sentence. Paul is my favorite yoga teacher of all time and I'm going to hang out with her tomorrow. Why would I say no?

Paula at the Dallas Women's March.

I've never been to a march before. I also believe "March" is a positive word for "Protest". Therefore, I was being aware of my safety to be involve in any kind of movement, not only because I'm the only child of my family.

However, I feel different about this march because I'm going with Paula. She was serving this country as a medic in the army for more than 24 years. Salute to that. I actually feel VERY SAFE going with her. haha. 

"Free Melania!"

That was the first sign I saw on the march and I laughed pretty hard. I see all gender in the march. It's not just about women but everyone. I saw mothers, fathers, and children. This march is like a family vacation. ALL AGE and ALL GENDER.

I always put myself as a third-person in politic in this country. I do not give opinion about Mr. President or who is good or who is bad. I read the news and received what is going on in this country. Just to be prepared.

However, this situation reminded me about what Paula's said in the class every time.

"Find ease in your strong pose."

From the news and media, Women's March on Washington encouraged more than 1 million people and more than 70 countries around the world to march together on the first day of the 45th President of America. This is something.

If America is practicing yoga, this is probably one of a very strong pose she is doing.

I hope she can find ease on this pose.

And she will be stronger.

Love y'all.