Nat Photography


Elise DeLaney

I've been looking for lighting equipment to add on my wedding work for a long time. Since, I do not know much about manual Off-Camera Flash (OCF). I found Profoto B2 that fit what I needed. This shoot is a testing for this light if it's going to working for me. The result was amazing!!

Long short story, Profoto B2 is capable to use ETTL (Canon), iTTL (Nikon) and High-Speed Sync (HSS). Profoto B2 comes with a light strobe and battery that you can use on location. It's amazing and very convenience. However, one of the cons is the battery can cover only 150 shots for all HSS and 250 shots for normal shoot.

I shot these photos with HSS (shutter speed around 1/4000-1/8000).  Also, there are many shots that fill flash against the sun and it worked very well!

Thank you Elise for being a great model. You are amazing!
Thank you Brittaney for being a great friend. I love you!!!
Thank you Eddie for coming with us today.

Hope y'all enjoy the photos :)


Here is the list of equipment I used for the shoot.