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Review Filmborn App

Kurk Mastin of Mastin Lab just released Filmborn app a few days ago.

You are probably just like me if you are already a fan of film presets. I was screaming out of my happiness!!! 

Mastin lab sells three preset, which is Fuji, Ilford, and Portra. Each preset box cost $99. These presets are very popular for wedding photographers who loves film tone and color. The goal of Mastin lab is not to replace film but introduce it to a new generation photographer.

This review will show the result of these three presets. I do not get into detail of editing because I believe Filmborn interface is very easy to understand even for new users.


Fuji, Ilford, and Kodak are three presets on Filmborn, which is the same in the online store. 

These pictures were taken on iPhone 6s and edited with Filmborn.

In short, you will love this app if you are a fan of film presets, but if not, you will love them anyway haha. This app is very easy to use and those presets are one of the most precise color of the real film you can find.