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Glacier National Park

Visiting Yellowstone National Park was amazing. Everything was very beautiful. No wonders why everyone told me to come. If you miss out Yellowstone NP blog I wrote, I have the link for you here below. You are welcome.

Yellowstone National Park

The only thing I know about Glacier National Park (GCNP) was it's going to be cold. And I prepared myself.

I have a 30-50F sleeping bag from REI. Year, I'm a big fan of REI. I also have a sleeping pad from REI too. However, I knew that my 30F sleeping bag won't be able to handle the cold at Glacier NP. Therefore, I bought a sleeping liner from Sea to Summit, which will add around 25 degree. I'm not so sure if the liner added 25 degree but I was comfortable survive the coldness.

Another reason that I decided to get this sleeping liner because I do not want to buy another 0F or 15F sleeping bag. I can just sleep with my 30F sleeping bag at other places that has warmer weather.

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Just live your life and be happy."


2:30 AM

We arrived at Glacier National Park safely after 8 hours long drive. Rising Sun Campground was the camp site we want to stay. However, walk-in was only an option. Therefore, we parked at a parking lot in GCNP and slept for a few hours. Then, we woke up early and got to a line to get a camping spot.

We set up tents and headed out to scout. Who needs sleep, right?

These pictures you will see blow are just from street view in Glacier NP.

Longan Pass

Hidden Lake was the location for Sunset and milky way shoot. Sadly, the route was closed due to falling of ice. Therefore, I couldn't hike lower to the lake but stop by at the the Overlook, which was, still, very beautiful.

Mountain Goats

As much as we were scared wild animal. We had one bear spray with us, for five people though. lol. We wanted to see wild life so bad. Luckily, this mountain goat came to Hidden Lake Overlook spot and walking around for a few hours.

Everyone at the spot was excited to get pictures of this Mountain Goat. You can see how we were excited from the pictures.

Wisanu, Nham, Biim were excited to see goats' pictures.

Wisanu, Nham, Biim were excited to see goats' pictures.


We hiked back to get a dinner and then we came back at 9 PM to shoot stars.

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— Soren Kierkgaard

Wild Goose Island


The Ancient Tree


Scouting (Again)

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Grinnell Glacier

Grinnell Glacier trail is a very beautiful 9.7 miles trail, out and back. The end of the trail will show you Upper Grinnell Glacier. However, what you saw in the pictures is Grinnell Lake. We hike 3/4 of the trail to get a beautiful spot for taking pictures for Sunset. We also saw a dear and make noise all the way to scare of bears, as rangers suggested.

This is the very first time I saw turquoise lake. I saw many pictures from Banff National Park in Canada. I believe GCNP is the closest you can see turquoise lake without going abroad.

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It’s enjoying all you have.

Swiftcurrent Lake

Grand Teton National Park is our next stop!

I already posted a short documentary on this Summer Trip 2018. You can watch from the link below!