Nat Photography


Grapevine Ice Exhibition at Gaylord

I went to the event on the last day of Grapevine Ice Exhibition at Gaylord Texan Resort. It wasn't crowded, which was good! I have no wonder why this is such a big event for every winter. The resort was huge and decorated in every detail. I was surprised with my small things around the hotel.

We bought combo tickets for Ice Exhibition and Tube Slider, which was around $47. 

The ice exhibition was amazing. It was very very cold inside. The exhibition provided a thick winter jacket for everyone and it was a must. We spent roughly 15 minutes in the exhibition walking around. Tube slider was fun. You can keep sliding for 12 times. We did 6 times and it was enough.

I would say if you haven't been to the Ice Exhibition, you should go at least once. The ice exhibition ticket is $30 but you can found groupon on the Internet and it would be cheaper.