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High Speed Sync Flash

Nat!! What is your camera and flash set up to get balance exposure from both sky and models AND beautiful Dept-of-Field (DOF)? Well, I do not know much about theory of flash but this technique is called "High Speed Sync Flash (HSS)". Let me explain. It's very simple.

I have many photographers asked these past couple weeks about HSS photography. Therefore, I think it's a good time for me to write this thing up in a very easy way and how to make it happen even you do not have much knowledge about Off-Camera-Flash (OCF), just like me. However, let me give you a warning. This technique can be very pricey but it will worth every penny you spent!

I'll start with a couple questions I got from y'all all the time.

1.) Why HSS is different from normal OCF?

Zikra, Mali

Zikra, Mali

Because most of cameras can shoot a native sync with a flash at 1/250th. If there is too much light out there, the camera will force you to lower f-stop to such as f/16 instead of f/2.

SHOOTING PORTRAIT AT F/16!!! Oh man, I can feel the pain.

Then, when you try to increase f-stop to f/2, but you might need to increase shutter speed to 1/5000-1/8000. 


At this point, I expect you guys to understand the basic relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. If not, click on the this and STUDY!!



2.) what do i USE and to PERFORM a hss shoot? also, how much does it cost?

Here is what I use.


  • Total cost is $2,884.88
    PS. You can also get other brands such as Phottix and Dynalight strobe, which is lower price and also perform HSS.

3.) WHy DO I USE TO use profoto?

This whole set of Profoto can calculate camera set up through TTL for you. YOU ONLY NEED TO CLICK THE SHUTTER!

Yes, I did not understand much about lighting and OCF when I first got the lights. I learned by using them session by session. I feel studio lighting is the next level of photography after I have been telling people all the time that "I prefer natural light." 

However, you still have to study about position of using 1,2, and 3 light sources. Therefore, you will understand how to set the strobe for shooting. 







3.) How do i like hss?

  • I love it! I always hear from clients and people that the pictures with HSS look like magazine grade!! 
  • Models with HSS shoot will be very outstanding from background, while you can get blue sky!
  • I do not need to spend much time editing because the pictures are already good in RAW.
  • I do not have to rely the light from the Sun.

Before & After

I shot with Canon 5D mk3 and 6D, AP mode. The light exposure was pretty much balance already after shot. I did not have to spend much tim during editing pictures.

Evan, TCU

Evan, TCU

Carla, UNT


Here are sample pictures of using HSS. I shot all of them with two light sources, B2 and the Sun. 

Belle, Thailand

Belle, Thailand

Elise, UNT

Elise, UNT

This is my first article I wrote. Please let me know if you think I should add something in or cut something off.

Thanks for reading!