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Independence Day 2016

Last night was my fifth time watching fireworks of American Independence day. I remember I was so excited to see firework and celebrate with friends in 2012 for the first time in the states. This year I wasn't that excited. Actually, I did not care much about fireworks any more but I needed some more rest from shooting a wedding and driving on Saturday.

Mona, my best friend, she wanted to see fireworks. Therefore, I decided to see the fireworks in Irving and the place was only 15 minutes driving from my house without getting into any highway. I preferred convenience rather than celebrating.

We got to Las Colinas an hour early and put my yoga mat on as a reservation. Everything was beautiful, people, party, concert, lake, and sunset. When the fireworks started, I used to spend the whole 30 minutes shooting fireworks, but not this year. I shot around 10 pictures and put my traveling camera down, Sony RX1, not Canon 5D mk3, and watched the whole fireworks through my eyes, not camera's LCD.

I did enjoy and realized any year passed by so fast. I have learned so many things, falling in love, breaking hearth, getting a job, building relationship, maintaining relationship, working out, climbing, yoga, dancing, and getting back to photography school.

I know it's not the New Year yet but it has been another great year for me in the US.


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