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Internship at Flocc

"You can meet me at my studio in Dallas."

After many years in wedding photography, today, I can say this. I recently got accepted to have an internship with Flocc, a creative co-working space in Dallas.

Two weeks Ago

I received an email from Justin Clemons, a Dallas commercial photographer, that he is looking for an intern at Flocc. I have known Justin almost a year. He came to my class in Fall 2017 to talk about his photography career. I became his student in Spring 2018 for Portfolio class. It was a capstone class for photography degree.

"I want to intern at Flocc but I'm only available half-day on Monday." I responded to Justin right away in an email. I wasn't sure if I will get an internship but I was super excited. I knew I could learn many things from creatives in the studio.

What is Flocc?

We are a space in Oak Cliff made specifically for creatives. An inspiring space where people can work independently or collaborate with others.

We welcome creative disciplines of all types: Photographers, Designers (interior, graphic, fashion), Architects, Videographers, Illustrators,Art/Creative Directors, Makers (as long as its not too loud or smelly), Stylists, Visual Artists, Writers, etc.
— Flocc

Today is my first day of the internship. I have to make coffee, clean, check mails, and etc. In exchange, I become a member of Flocc studio. I can use the studio for photo shoot with a small fee. I can use the office 24/7. I will learn A LOT from these creatives. This is the most exciting part.

I already made an appointment with a couple to have the very first consultation at Flocc tomorrow morning. I'm SO SO excited!