Nat Photography


Jackie's Quinceanera

I was super excited when Gaby, Jackie's mom, asked me about shooting her daughter Quinceanera.

I was a bit nervous because I never shot any Quinceanera session before. However, I know that shooting Quinceanera is more like a bridal session version of fifteen year-old girl. I couldn't wait to do the shoot.

The shoot was very easy today even though it was pretty chilly and windy. Gaby prepared jackets for the girl to put on when they are waiting for the shoot. 

The Orgeta is a very supportive family. I met this family last year when Enrique sent me a request for a family session. One year later, I was the photographer of Gaby's wedding. As you can see from the pictures below. The photo shoot today could not be more perfect with out them.

The Ortega 2015

The Ortega came to help out this photo shoot. :)

I'm also the photographer for Jackie's birthday party in December. I already know this party is going to be so much. I just can't wait!

I shot this session with;

  • Canon 6D + Sigma 35 f/1.4 Art
  • Canon 5D mk3 + Sigma 85 f/1.4
  • Profoto B1 + OCF Softbox 2' (only a few pictures)