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Fun night with Kent family

Getting knowing people is something makes me very happy.

A couple month ago, I was looking for a climbing group on Facebook and I found DFW Rock Climbers. I sent a request to join this group expected to find more people to climb with.

Climbing is a sport that you need a buddy. I use the word "Buddy" because it doesn't mean anyone can be your buddy. A rope has two ends, one is on you and another end is on your buddy. Your life depends on your buddy during climbing. That's how buddy important to you. We call "Belaytionship".

Daniel Kent was the admin of this group. It didn't take long until I saw a post that Daniel looking for a buddy to lead-climb that night. That's pretty much how I got to know him.

Daniel is a good man with strong faith in Jesus Christ. He is moving to Honduras to do his mission and this mission, only God knows how long it will take. He will be moving out to Honduras with his family this January.

Today, he invited to have pizza with his family. I can't say NO to pizza. I was so happy to know his wife, Dorothy, and his children, Daniel and Pepper. 

I had so much fun getting to know this family more. 

Thank you again <3