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LA, here I come!

Saturday Dec 13rd, 2014

Today was crazy. I almost missed the flight because I thought getting to the airport an hour before the flight was enough. Hell no, I was running and giving excuses to people for making the way for me. It was bad. Anyway, I got to the plain at 12.45 PM and my flight was 1.00 PM. I made it!

The flight delayed around 20 minutes but waiting for the baggage was forever :/

On the way back to Chatsworth.

On the way back to Chatsworth.

Another good news for me is I got iPhone 5s. It was Sunny but he upgraded to iPhone 6. Actually, they all upgraded to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I felt like this family is on the top of Chittamai technology tree. In my life, I have bought only 2 phones, which were PCT and Nokia 7610. After that I got Motorola V from my mom, iPhone 3s from uncle Eddie, iPhone 4s and 5s from Sunny. Now I giveaway my iPad first Gen to someone else in my family. 

Uncle Dang with his lovely 6 Plus.

Uncle Dang with his lovely 6 Plus.

In the end of the day, I went of to the top of this house for taking picture. It's so beautiful here.

Sunday Dec 14th, 2014

Today, we did offer food for my grandfather who passed away Dec 18th, 2014. Uncle Dang admitted that we suppose to do this next week but he forgot. The good thing about doing this is the kids will eat good foods after offering foods :)

In L.A., the sunset time is around 5.30PM. I went up to the roof around that time trying to do time lapse. It wasn't that successful as I thought. You can see the result on my Instagram by clicking the Instagram icon at bottom of the page.

I have told many friend about a class I took this semester that's difficult and stress. I felt stressed when I was doing the paper and result of the first part was so bad. The professor corrected me every single grammar I did wrong. I told my parents that I'm going to get B. Well, after everything, I check grade of the class this morning and I got A. YESS!!!
After this, if anyone ask me about the class, I'll say "It wasn't that bad."