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Loy Krathong, Good Friends, and Thai Foods

Today was one busy day for me.

It's a kind of the day that you are happy and tired at the same time.

I had two photo shoots today with the Nguyen and the Gilbert. I will post them tomorrow.

I made an appointment with a bunch of friends to get some Thai food at the The Buddhist Center of Dallas. The temple had Loy Krathong event today. Therefore, the temple was pretty crowded but we all managed to get parking lot.

Let me give you a long story short about the history of Loy Krathong. 

Loy Krathong means floating a basket. This event happens during the evening of the full moon of the 12th month. We make a basket from banana trees and float on rivers. Floating the basket represents letting go hatred, anger, and things you should not hold on. We also use this method to thank the Goddess of Water, the Hindu Goddess Ganga.

Brittany, my best friend, came first. She always gets Thai tea with boba. 

Emily, the barista at Fourteen Eighteen Coffee Shop, came with Aaron, which I know them from the coffee shop.

The Kent family came after. 

I always love hang out with good friends.
It was such a great day :)