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It has been long since we met last time.

Madoka is an international student from Japan. She came to the state in 2011 pursuing a master degree in childhood development.
I met her at UNT though my old roommate, Kosuke Toho. International students get along well very fast. Also, we all spoke broken English. Therefore, no one judged other students.

Madoka came to UNT and studied GRE to meet her master program requirement. Later on, she got accepted to study the degree she wanted at Texas Women's University.

Fast forward to 2016, Madoka is graduating this December. She has a job waiting for her in Tokyo.

"That's amazing! You are graduating and has a job waiting for you. How did you get that job?"
I was so curious because students usually have struggle getting a job, but not Madoka.

"I have a certificate of Child Life Specialist. There is only 40 people who has this certificate in Japan. This hospital is dying to have me!"

The photo shoot took around an hour. Zikra, another international student from Mali, came by to have fun with us.
Y'all need to check her a portrait session of Zikra. She is an amazing student and model!

We headed to West Oak Coffee Bar after the photo shoot to catch up our life. It always fun to talk with an old friend. We did get through many similar situations.

As an international student in USA, I can only know my future for the next 2 years. 

For example, I studied MBA for 2 years at Tarleton State University. After I was graduated I supposed to get a job within three months or I had to fly back to Thailand.

During OPT, I could work for one year and get sponsored by the company for working visa. However, working visa system is a random system. I never know if I will be in Texas or Thailand next year.

Basically, as an international student, you never know where you will be in the next year or two. You can have a relationship but you might had to leave your love one. Long distant relationship seems pretty normal for us. It sucks.

Madoka is leaving back to Japan this January. 

I wish everything will be going well with her.


Madoka Yano
Madoka Yano