Nat Photography


Mount Rainier National Park

DFW Airport

5 AM, we were ready at the airport to fly to Seattle. It wasn't fun to wake up 4 AM to get ready for an early flight. However, I believe I have been fly early flight since I can buy a plane ticket. The reason is I can spend more time the destination. Jessica and I get burgers for breakfast. WHY NOT! :)

Our baggages were delayed by two hours!

We were planning to get to Mt Rainier in the afternoon and hiking but we couldn't. We flew with American Airline and our baggages were on another airplane. I did some eardrop and heard our plane couldn't take any more baggages. Therefore, American Airline staff moved some checked bags to another flight since the flight will fly to Seattle. 

Jessica and I were a bit nervous but we trusted the system. 

Silver Spring Campground

"I'm not sure if we will sleep in a tent tonight." I told Jessica.

Getting a camp ground was a bit frustrated because all campgrounds at Mt Rainier was full on Sunday that we arrived. Therefore, we had to walk-in and take a chance if we will find a spot.

"There are many camping spot empty!!!!"

I was REALLY happy that we got a spot for camping. I already book a campground for the second night at Cougar Rock Campground, which was close by Paradise Visitor Center.

Every two pines is a door way to a new world.
— John Muir

North Burroughs Mountain Trail

"Come on Jess! We need to get to the spot before the sunset." I turned back to tell Jess when we were hiking.

I did not want to rush Jess from hiking and taking pictures. She was very excited to see new views and mountain and take pictures. Jessica has never been here before. Everything was beautiful. 

The Sun was coming fast and the temperature drop as fast as the Sun. 

I could see fog in mountain alley and I was so happy.

This is what we came for.


Sourdough Ridge Trail

We hiked back to car before dark. I found out that I forgot to buy cooking gas. Luckily, we bought a lot of snacks from H-Mart before we left the city.

"I didn't see anything." Jessica told me when she looked on the sky.

I had no surprise. When you try to find milky way with your eyes, you might notice it. I set up our camera and set speed shutter at 15 second.


Shutter was released and after 15 second. Jessica saw milky way in her camera.

"Let me click the shutter!!!" Jessica was very excited to photography milky way. She had Canon 6D mark I and Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art Series. 

We had about 3 hours to shoot milky way tonight.

At 11 PM

Don’t lose hope. When it gets dark, stars will come out.

At 1 AM, galactic core moved to the middle of Mt Rainier.

And we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.
— John Lennon

Sunrise Visitor Center (Morning)

"Jess, she is here!" I woke up Jess to see Mount Rainier. She was outshined in the morning because of Sunrise. 

"Let's go. I'll wake up Dennis. We don't have much time.

Wildflowers were not at the peak of blooming yet but still beautiful.

All of the fire mountains which like beacons, once blazed along the Pacific Coast, Mount Rainier is the noblest.
— John Muir

Tipsoo Lake

My friends and I came to Tipsoo Lake last year but we couldn't find this spot. Dennis took us to this beautiful spot this year. I finally found it!



We came back to campground after a long morning for food. Dennis made us Udon because we didn't have gas to cook our food. 


Mazama Ridge

Our plan for the second day is to get Mazama Ridge with Sunset. Hiking was fun. Mosquitoes were crazy. You cannot say still for too long and mosquitoes here are REALLY BIG.


Reflection Lake

We finished Mount Rainier with Sunrise at Reflection Lake. Classic spot that you should visit whenever you come to Mount Rainier.



We spend 2 more days in Seattle. JUST TO EAT.

Hope you have fun reading this blog. Please let me know if you have any question about location or anything. Have a great day. :)