Photography is my passion. I do not only take wedding photos but also do portraits, landscapes, and street photography. This section represents my perspective on how I see the world through the lenses.

What GEAR do I used?

Many people have been asking what I use to shoot wedding and my other gears. I think it's a time to tell you my inside out all my gear list. I have been using this setting for about 2 years. This set of gears works best for me for now.

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Wedding Gear



Other gears

This harness is just AMAZING. The weight of two camera rely on your shoulders just like you are carrying a backpack. Trust me. This harness will safe your life.


Lighting Gear


Light Modifiers

Light Stands

Traveling Gear

FYI, I'm using Sony RX1 Mark I but I could not find the on Amazon. RX1 Mark II on this link is even better.

This bag is SUPER cool! This bag can fit my Sony RX1, Joby GorillaPod, and batteries. 6D and Sigma 35mm can also fit in this bag. 

I use this tripod for hiking trip. It's light and sturdy!