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Nancy & Lin

"If you see a guy walking around with balloons, you know that he has a big plan."

Back early this year, I had the third solo trip to NYC and Boston for total 7 days. I stayed with Nancy during the trip to Boston for 4 days 3 nights. The last time I met Nancy was in high school, Horwang School. It was like 12 years ago!

Nancy and I had so many things to catch up. We met last time when we were high school students. Who would imagine we will ended up staying in USA, the land of opportunity. I also had a chance to meet Lin, her boyfriend, and that's when the fun plan happened.

Lin was planing to propose her and it was a perfect time that I was there. "I'll take y'all engagement pictures." Why not right? 

Lin is a very smart guy. This guy knows how to run a business and make a good living. However, propose someone is not an easy thing. I could see his excitement when we were planning. Asking a girl out seems SO SMALL compare with proposing someone.

And the day has come.

Lin asked Nancy to meet him at Boston Public Garden.


He is waiting.

Still waiting.

Nancy came. She dressed up very nice!

Lin is finding a perfect spot.

Lin kneeled down and popped the question.


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