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Tiny Humans

Tiny Humans

After a year of traveling through cities and national parks, I created “Tiny Humans” to remind how I feel like human is a tiny part compare to the universe. As Danny Lewis stated that sensation of being a small speck might actually make you a kinder, more generous person. I want Tiny Humans to remind my audience to be humble and nice to other human and nature. We could make this world beautiful if we help each others.

Nat Chittamai

Let nature forever humble you.

For one day it shall elude;

Let the mountains leave you breathless

Let the rain soothe your soul

Let sunshine kiss your back

Spend time in nature.

For one day you'll have none left;

Swim in the creek

Sleep in a meadow

Count the stars

Breathe the morning air

Cherish nature.

We are the most invasive species on this earth.

The trees cannot scream out for help.

The ocean has no tears.

The glaciers cannot protest.

Stand up for what you stand on.

By Claire Davis

The Giant Rainier

Mt. Rainier National Park

Against the Wall

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument


Hoodoos Garden

Goblin Valley State Park


Meet the Giant

Mt. Rainier National Park



Bryce National Park

Look Up

Moonscape Overlook


Dragon Eye

Arches National Park


Above the Clouds

Mt Rainier National Park


Canyonlands National Park

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