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NYC- A Day with Feon

"Feon, are you in NYC!?!"

You will miss your friends like crazy when you've been away from your country for so long. Feon is a good friend in Chiang Mai University. It was like 10 years back. Wasn't that long right?

We had an English class together and I had always seen her once in a while at BA department. Last year, I noticed that Feon has been posting many pictures of her in NYC and I was excited to know if she was staying in the states. YES, she is in NYC. I'll see you soon in a month!

The cool things about Feon was she knew so many good places to EAT! We met up at  for lunch. The ramen was amazing! I asked to show me coffee places in NYC and we started in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a very nice area. We walked around and I could see the restaurant and coffee shops have bigger space. Like, you can sit and talk with friends. Doesn't like most of the places in Manhattan which are so tiny. I felt I need to be hurry all the time. We headed to Blue Bottle Coffee, which is from San Francisco.

By the end of the day, we went to Top of the Rock because I needed to get NYC skyline pictures. It was fun to catch up with your friend's life and how other friends doing. I have many new friends in USA but only a few old friends from Thailand. Good old days to talk about.

Thanks Feon again for taking me a tour!

Blue Bottle Coffee


Time Square

Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Building)