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I felt like I had enough of good pictures of NYC from the past two days but I still wanted to get more pictures of NYC skyline. I just wanted to make to most of NYC on this trip because I'm not sure if I'll be back again soon. NYC is fun and beautiful but USA is huge, I would rather expand my traveling experience rather than come back to the same city.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
— Lao Tzu

I followed Piyapat since he had some business in Manhattan. Roosevelt Island was the first stop. The park was beautiful but I didn't feel anything special here. I was planning to get pictures from the last wedding done at a coffee shop and writing a blog. Therefore, I headed to Manhattan with him and find a coffee shop.

I found a coffee shop I wanted to sit, Birch Coffee Shop. The coffee shop was TINY! There were only three seats and two seats were taken. I managed to sit and wrote a blog for about an hour or two. I realized the place didn't offer restroom for customers. This is Manhattan. Everything is small, competitive, and rush. I do not like this environment but I won't complaint about it. I decided to take a subway to Brooklyn.

NYC is more like Chicago. I can walk around the city to get different angle of skyline and they are all beautiful. However, that means I have to walk AROUND the city again to get new angle with this 30 degrees weather. I often asked why I tortured myself out here.

Shops in Brooklyn have bigger space. I love it. I also found that Liz had been in NYC for a couple days and I wanted to see her after I'm done taking pictures.

Yeah, it was too cold. I gave up. I got one pictures of NYC skyline and headed to see Liz and Amy, her sister. It was a fun time hangout with friends. Love it

Roosevelt Island

Central Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

I spent roughly 15 minutes taking this pictures. This panorama was combined with 5 HDR pictures.

Liz and Amy