Nat Photography


Olympic National Park

"Are we going to the beach????"

"Are you serious??"

I was too excited after I've spent several days in mountains and cold weather. I knew that we were going to Olympic National Park but I didn't realize that Olympic National Park is connected with the ocean, like, salted water!

Don’t tell people your dream. Show them.

We will spend the last two days at Olympic National Park. The very first thing I noticed after we reached the campground was the warner weather. I realized we came down from the mountain at the sea level. After the came was set, we headed out to Sul Duc Falls.

Sol Duc Falls

We didn't have much time at this location. We literally hiked to the falls and took pictures and left. LITTERALLY.


Rialto Beach

This beach was the location for sunset pictures.


Wisanu planned with the forecast and the weather should be clear at 5PM for the sunset. Now, we could only see 50 feet in front of us. Our hope was gone.


AT 5 PM, the blue sky showed up!!!!

Isn't that crazy? I gave up that I wouldn't get any beautiful sunset pictures here. Darn it! the forecast was freaking CORRECT!

We also had a little birthday surprise cake for Wisanu. I had the cake in my backpack. The cake was pretty much combined together after an hour hike. haha Sawwyy.


We headed to the airport on the next day. Our trip was done. However, the next trip is coming in a month. :)