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What did I learn in a photography degree?

“Do you want to come back to Thailand or study a photography degree?”

Back in 2016, my mom asked me after I finished up an internship with a real estate company in Dallas. My family knows that I love photography and I have been taking pictures for since I was graduated in an accounting degree.

It was one of the best decision I have made.

Associate Degree in Commercial Photography

I applied to get a commercial photography degree at Collin Community College. This degree takes two years. There are many basic classes such as math, science, and English that’s required. However, I will not talk about those class but photography related classes.

This degree aims students to learn about photography business and can start as a freelancing photography after graduate. Let me show you what I have learned in this degree. I’ll give my opinion about this degree and if you should study a photography degree in the next blog.

Most of photography can re rented from school photography department. You also can use school studio for your personal work.

Collin College also bring professional photographers to be teachers. That’s the best thing ever!! You will learn from professional photographers who make a living from taking pictures and they are kindly enough to spare time to teach us what they know.

Collin College Photography Department

Digital Photography I

Taught by Peter Calvin

This class is for the very basic control of your camera. You will learn about f stop, speed shutter, ISO, and many many basic information that you can find in your camera manual.

Photo Digital Imaging I, II

Taught by Peter Calvin

This class is about retouching. I have learned how and what to retouch for a headshot session.

Portraiture I

Taught by Byrd William

Portraiture I is about using studio lights in studio.

Portraiture II

Taught by Peter Calvin

Portraiture II is about using studio lights on locations.

Architecture Photography

Taught by Peter Calvin

He is an amazing teacher. I have many classes with him. However, Peter is specialize in architectural photography.

Fashion Photography

Taught by Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey is a commercial, food, life style photographer in Dallas. Yall should go check out her work.

Illustrative Photography

Taught by Lisa Mean

Lisa is an amazing editorial and commercial photographer in Dallas. I learned about photographing object and creating story from them.

Video Production

Taught by Peter Calvin

You will learn basic skill to create professional video. I love this class and that’s how I formed a video group with my class mate, Cocomango. Learning to to make a professional interview video is probably the best thing. As a result, I created DFW Interview Project.

Darkroom I

Taught by Elizabeth Mellot

Collin College at Spring Creek has a dark room for students to develop their films. You can also rent a film camera from school.


Taught by Justin Clemons
Portfolio class is the capstone class for this degree. You will need to combine all your knowledge that you have learned in two years and produce a gallery show. Now, I’m in an intern at Flocc Studio, which Justin is a co-owner. I’ll write more about making connection from this college in another blog.

Portfolio Gallery

In Conclusion

I was in my fifth year taking pictures before I started this degree. I thought I was good and I didn’t need to study photography. Apparently, I was wrong. I can see that my photography skill was improved after taking classes in this school. Therefore, it’s true that people said you can always improve.

Next blog I’ll talk about what you really get from studying a photography degree.