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Hiking 9 hours at Twin Sisters Peak Trail

Jess, I can’t make it. I just only slow you down. I’ll wait here and you go to the top.
— Nat Chittamai

I said that to Jess just like in the end of many movies that one character needs to sacrifice and let his/her partner go further without you.

Here is the story.

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

It was our last day in Estes Park. We planned to have good hike and we were looking at Twin Sisters Peak trail.

Twin sisters Peak trail was rated as HARD. Jess and I check the reviews and comments. We believed we should be fine. However, what we didn't realize is about the snow. We left to the trail at 7:30AM. We told the host that we would come and check out before 12PM.

We were so wrong.

G, the host, let us use his snow shoes. However, the snow shoes didn't fit me but Jess. "I should be fine." I said. I told Jess to start the hike. We had no idea what we were getting into.

The trail was 3.8 miles. I was leading on the first two miles. There was no problem to hike without snow shoes or trekking poles. We were also the first group hiking that day.

We had so much fun hiking during the first mile. Snow was only a couple inches deep. I could run on it and wait for Jess. Until we hit the park that the trail had damage from mudslide a couple years back. We could see the snow was getting deeper because many hikers stop hiking at this spot.

Mudslide damaged the trail.

Mudslide damaged the trail.

Because in the end,you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing the lawn.
Climb that goddamn mountain.
— Jack Kerouac

We hiked pass the damaged trail and we had about 2 miles left. I could feel most of the hikers didn't hike after the mudslide. The snow on the trail after mudslide was 2-3 feet deep and the elevation increased dramatically.

I needed to rest every 5-10 minutes hike. Jess had her snow shoes on and she was like flying up the hill.

I stopped taking pictures and focused on hiking. It took us 5 hours to get to the third miles and the trail was gone. 


We checked the map and head forward after a good break.

EVERY STEP WAS 3-5 feet deep into snow.

It was a critical moment that I decided to let Jess go ahead by herself on the last mile.

Of course, she didn't want to go but we were so close to the top.

After a kiss, Jess went forward and I walked back to the rest spot, waiting for her.


I met a couple hikers while I was waiting. I told them that my girlfriend is heading to the top. These hikers had all equipment we should have for hiking in this situation, gaiters, snow shoes, trekking poles. These people ran into Jess and helped her to get to the top.


"NATTTTTTTTTT" Jess was back!

"I couldn't make it to the peak but top of the trail." Jess explain to me after we hiked down. We arrived our car at 4:30. WE HIKED FOR 9 HOURS!!!

The end of the trail is not the peak of a sister. There is no tree on the top. Our hipster outfits couldn't protect us from blizzards up there. There is 15 minutes more hike after the trail to get to the top.

We were not ready and the mountain beat us so bad. 

Twin Sisters Peak won over Jess and I this time.

Good news, we are coming back to you and we will top the mountain.

Wait for it.