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Summer Trip 2018 - Utah

It's that time of year again, Summer. No class, weddings, and traveling is my definition of summer.

Fort Worth, Texas
9th, July 2018
3:30 AM

I woke up and got changed to be ready. Jessica is still sleeping. I have read on the Internet that 3 AM is the time that most human has deep sleep. I felt bad for Jessica that had to drop me off at the airport. 

6:42 AM

Wisanu and Nahm were already at the airport. We checked in and ready to fly. Salt lake, Utah, was the destination.

This shot was from airplane's window. Beautiful Utah

This shot was from airplane's window. Beautiful Utah

Salt Lake, Utah

We landed safely at Salt Lake, UT. Kittithuch flew in from LA not so long after we landed. We walked down to rental car and headed out. The trip has begun.

False Kiva
Canyonlands National Park

Our plan for the first night in Utah was to capture milk way at False Kiva. 

False Kiva is a Class II archaeological site in the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park.  Class II archaeological sites are open for public but is not marked on the map. However, the park rangers will provide the information of the trail if you ask them specifically. 

You can click here to see more detail about this trail.

9:00 PM

We arrived at False Kiva's trail head at 9 PM. I took us 1.5 hour to hike in. We have hiked this trail before in Winter and it was far worst than this time. It was an easy hike for us. 

"Do you hear thunders? I asked my friends and then looked for the direction of the thunders.

We are darn lucky. It's a monsoon season in Utah. The storm was far away but close enough for us to see lighting. It was beautiful but scary. 

Storm was coming. Of course, sky was getting black from storm cloud. Wisanu was predicting which direction wind blows. The clouds came fast. 


1:30 AM


"Let's go back" Wisanu said and I was totally agree with him. I turned off one of my camera which was taking time-lapse video. I literally gave up. We had no luck.

"Hmmm I think the cloud will move out soon." Wisanu changed his mind. He wanted to stay. 

"Alright, I'm cool with yall decision." I said and laid down to sleep. I slept, really deep.

The cloud was moving away eventually.

The cloud was moving away eventually.

3:00 AM

"NAATTTTTT, MILK WAY IS HERE!!" Wisanu again. He woke me up. Well, he is a master of weather prediction. He already check the weather that the sky should be clear around 3 AM. IT WAS CLEAR AT 3 AM!

The clouds was gone.

The clouds was gone.


We hiked out False Kiva and got to our car around 4:30 AM. It was a long night. 

In our schedule, we supposed to take pictures of Sunrise at Shafer Trail Viewpoint at 6:00 AM. Therefore, we headed out to the closer parking spot and slept in the car.

Shafter Trail Viewpoint
6:30 AM

I slept for an hour or less. The alarm from a phone woke me up. It's time to take picture. Kittithuch said this before "Being a photographer, dont be lazy." There is always a moment that I wanted to sleep in. However, I flew this far from Texas to see this in person and get pictures back. I can always sleep later.


We headed back to hotel and get some sleep.

Valley of the Gods
8:00 PM

Valley of the Gods.

Valley of the Gods.

We planned to get pictures of milky way with Valley of the Gods but again, storm was coming!!!

Therefore, we can either wait or go back and get some rest.

We stopped at the side to decided if we should go back to hotel and wait to take pictures.

We stopped at the side to decided if we should go back to hotel and wait to take pictures.

Well, this time we decided to go back and get some rest. Since, we didn't get much sleep last night. 


We will head out to Yellowstone National Park tomorrow morning. 

I already posted a short documentary on this Summer Trip 2018. You can watch from the link below!

We started from Utah and drove to Wyoming, and Montana. Canyonlands and Valley of the Gods were the first stop. Yellostone National Park, Glacier National Park, and Grand Teton National Park were also the destination. I filmed a bit of everything during the trip to show you guys how beautiful nature is and why yall need to go out some time.