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I got a TATTOO!!!

I have thought for a long long time that I wanted a tattoo before I go back to Thailand.

I have spend roughly two weeks picking a tattoo, which I wanted to have a tattoo above my left ankle. I have been choosing a tattoo that can represent me and that thing can never change. 

First tattoo was a camera tattoo, which eventually I chose this one. The second tattoo i was thinking was a geometric tiger tattoo. I was born in Tiger year.



Now I can cross this out from my bucket list. 

I came back that night and told my uncle that I have a tattoo. He wasn't surprised that much because his sons, both of them, have tattoos. 

The exciting part came when my mom knew about my tattoo. Of cause, she didn't like it. I never heard any one in my family have a tattoo except a cousin from my Dad's side. 

At first, mom didn't like it but dad told her to be reasonable of her expression. Well, they knew nothing could be changed, Tattoo is permanent. I sent a photo of my tattoo to Dad later on and he loved it. I'm so happy :)

The next day, I went to shoot Elizabeth's bridal session. I showed her my tattoo and she screamed. After the shoot, I went to hang out with Ena. She also screamed. LOL

I ended up went to 7th street in FW with Ena. We got ice creams and stop by Urban outfitter. Ena got a crop tank and I got a photo album. I just fill it all last night and today. I love it !

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