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Chittamai's Thanksgiving 2016

Another year of happy thanksgiving with family.

My stomach is now full of the good foods from the pictures you will see.

I came to Charlie's house in the afternoon and Mona arrived not so long after me.
At 2PM, all the food was ready and people were getting ready to eat!

Now, Charlie and Jessica left to ToyRus waiting for the Black Friday deals.

I need to get back and finish editing all the pictures this past weekend. I only have around 2000 pictures more lol

Also, I just paid a year of a professional account for WeddingWire. I realized that I have been in autopilot mode in photography for a while.

My plan of starting photography business in the US here is through Treaty Investor. The lawyer inform me that I'll need more than $100k for starting my business. I believe I can do it within this two years. I might need to ask family for help but I'll try make all this happen by myself first.

My mom told me to go back home after I'm graduated. Well, I'll need to try to make this happen first. I'll go back home if I fail.

Pray for me :)