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The Hardy

My mother’s wonderful. To me. she is perfect.
— Michael Jackson

People said friends from work is different from friends from college. You do not hang out with  friends from work on the weekend or tell them your personal life story to them. Well, Vanessa is a friend I know from work and I told her all the thing. lol

In 2015, after a month or so, I was working at Sphinx Development Corporation and had moved to sit in the same office with Vanessa. She worked part-time and came with her baby, Jojo, once in a while. She often went to bathroom, which is a secret code for us that she is going smoke. Well, I'm not suppose to tell this.

I'm not sure how close we are but she knows all about my Tinder dates and my exes. That's how close we are. She is a person that you can talk everything and she will listen. She is also great in multi-tasking. For real.

It has been almost a year since I left the company and back to school. Jojo has grown up and become beautiful just like her mommy. 

I had a great time hangout and taking pictures for y'all. :)