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The Johnson

Family is a gift that last forever.
— Unknown

Hico, TX, is my destination for a family session today. It's almost two hours away from Irving. When I have a long drive for a session, I know that something fun is going to happen. 

Sierra is a good friend from Tarleton State University. She wanted to give a family session for her family as a Christmas gift. I had two photo sessions with her and her husband, Samuel, this past year. They are very fun and a wonderful couple. I was excited to see them again.

We started the session at Blue Star Trading Co in downtown Hico. The store was beautiful and there was a small gallery on the top floor. It was a perfect room for a family session.

We finished photo shoot in downtown and headed back toJohnson's ranch. The ranch has cattle, buffalos, horses, and dogs The guys gave up but the ladies were still having fun and wanted to get more pictures. I had so much fun photograph them.