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The Fossey

"Can I do the laundry at the house during the photo shoot?"

I sent this text to Andy because I packed stuff for 4 days but this trip was 8 days.

A few months back, I told Andy that I'll be in Chicago this New Year and he is going to be in Chicago the same time. I offered them to shoot a family session for April's family. I wanted to shoot outside Texas, very bad. That was one of the reason why I was so excited for this trip. 

I stayed with Abhishek and Richie, Abhishek's cousin, at a studio apartment in front of Cloud Gate, the Bean. We Ubered to April's parents' house at noon. 

I noticed that Chicago doesn't have much Sun during the winter. I can do a photo shoot at 12PM and it's still okay. Weather is pretty much overcast all the time, which is great for me.

The weather today was 40 degree, which is pretty good, not too cold. The Fossey had 4 families together in this house. I had them came out one family at a time and switched between family because it was cold.

The session went very well. We had so much fun shooting. Annabella was very happy, so everyone was happy too. 

I've been shooting until the last day of 2016. :)

Annabella and her Granny <3

And that's me and Abhishek, professional assistant photographer. LMAO