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Courtney & Daniel

#TheWalkingDeasons, this wedding has the coolest hashtag ever.

I met Courtney through Elizabeth, Ena, and Rachel three years ago. Courtney was a cool and funny friend. Fast forward to 2015, we had a meet up with old friend from college since we were all graduated. I had a chance to meet Courtney's boyfriend, Daniel. He is a cool guy from Denton. I had no wonder that I will receive a good news about them very soon.

The Deason's wedding was a wedding that I looked forward to shoot because I was going to see many old friends in the wedding. I loved working with friends. It was always easy and fun. 

The wedding was simply beautiful. The reception had one of the most beautiful light setting. I'm a bokeh lover. Those lights made me want to keep taking more pictures.

If you noticed the beautiful cakes on this wedding. Daniel's mother made both cakes. She was a wedding cake baker and those were the last cakes she made before she was retired. Her last son got married today.

I summarized this beautiful wedding into 250 pictures.

Hope y'all enjoy the pictures. :)

Getting Ready

The bridesmaid started getting ready early on the wedding day.

The Bride

The Bride

The Bridesmaids

First Look