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On the way to Moab

Welcome to Nevada.

Welcome to Arizona

Welcome to Utah.

Welcome to Arizona.

Welcome to Utah.

Welcome to Arizona.

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CA-Utah Part 2

Those were messages we received as we drove through states to Horseshoe Bend. Look on the map. Isn't that crazy!?! 

It was our typical schedule to have a long drive and then wait to get thirty minutes of beautiful sunset. Not counting that we could not know if the weather forecast is correct. Many times that we were waiting for the sunset and, suddenly, the clouds came and block everything. Yea, nature is unpredictable and that's the beauty of it.

We arrive at Horseshoe Bend 15 minutes before the sunset.


Horseshoe Bend

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.
— William Arthur Ward

Horseshoe Bend was incredibly beautiful. I have seen this pictures for a thousands time on the Internet and, today, I got to see this view in person. All of friends have visited this spot before. I knew that we did not have much time because the Sun was setting.

I walked around the rim and finally found a spot. Tripod is set. I released 10-20 shutters and hopefully I could get a set of 3 stops different pictures. I have 15 minutes left before the place got dark. I ran a quick setting and released the shutter for time-lapse. 240 pictures with 3 seconds interval could make a 10 second videos fo 24 fps time-lapse. GOT IT. DONE!


I started a new project called TINY HUMANS. The project is about our tiny humans on this massive planet. If you like this project, please show me some love and support by follow me through Facebook Page and Instagram at @tinyinnature. Thank you SO SO MUCH

3:30 AM

I was very happy that we did not camp in this trip. The weather was cruel. I had five layers on my body and was still shaking outside. We stayed 5 people in a room with three king bed size. It was fun. However, I woke up a bit earlier because I needed to use bathroom. We have only one bathroom for everyone. haha.

We had two hours driving ahead to Monument Valley


Monument Valley


Taking pictures on this spot was a team work. One person had to look for cars that coming and let our friends know. Everyone wanted to be in the middle of the road to get the perfect perspective of this Forrest Gump point. 

We also met a new friend, Yishen. He came with his father. I was very happy that everyone was very nice. We shared the spot and let other photographers get pictures. Gotta love this community.

Group Picture!

Group Picture!

We also made a new friend. Click on the picture to see Yishen's works. He is pretty awesome.

We also made a new friend. Click on the picture to see Yishen's works. He is pretty awesome.

Moab Diner

WE WERE STARVING! Breakfast at Moab Diner was just amazing. The restaurant was packed but the staff managed customers very good. We only waited for 15 minutes and got seated. I do recommend everyone to visit this restaurant if you have a chance to come around Moab, UT.


Arches National Park is our next stop.