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Photography is my passion. I do not only take wedding photos but also do portraits, landscapes, and street photography. This section represents my perspective on how I see the world through the lenses.

Vanila & Greyson

Congrats to Vanila for the engagement and your coming wedding in Thailand.

"I LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOR!" I told right after we arrived at Erwin Park in McKinney, TX. I do not see many Thai girl dye hair color blonde but it looked great on Vanila!

Vanila is an art student studying in Dallas. Her drawing skill is amazing! I have known her for almost a year and she told me her good news. SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!

The concept of this shoot was very simple but beautiful. The bride-to-be wanted to have a session with tall dry grass on a sunny day. Yay! Erwin had field on the back that wasn't mowed yet.

I used Profoto B1 with all the shot. I had so much fun working with them