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Top Three Wedding Send-Off!!! (List and Cost)

No body said planning a wedding was easy. Every bride wants to have to the best wedding of her life. Picking a wedding dress, venue, photographers, these are just a few things in the list. However, send-off will always at the last and every bride wants to finish her wedding beautifully.

Send-off pictures are the "Money Shot" that I make sure I get good pictures of couples. I always excited to see what kind of send-off is going to be in the end of the wedding. I've collected several pictures of send-off for yall right here!

  1. Sparklers - $16 (50 Pcs)

  2. Glow Sticks -$16.49 (200 Pcs)

  3. Bubble Wands - $6.74 (36 Pcs)

From my experience, sparklers is my most favorite send-off so far. Sparklers light up the line and create bokeh. The pictures are always beautiful. However, some venues do not allow couples to use sparklers because the cautions of fire.

Glow Sticks are great but depends the numbers. The more numbers of people holding glow sticks is better for photographers to get better pictures (IMO). 

Bubbles send-off can be very beautiful. Since, we cannot control bubbles. If you have strong winds in your wedding, the bubbles could just be gone in a second. However, if there is no wind, your bubble send-off will be AMAZING!

There are more than 3 ways to do send-off. I've shot weddings send-off with BIRD FOODS, and LAVENDER SEED.  Check on the internet, do research, and ask your venue if the type of send-off you want is allowed! 

Good luck on your wedding!


Glow Sticks