Nat Photography


Photography is my passion. I do not only take wedding photos but also do portraits, landscapes, and street photography. This section represents my perspective on how I see the world through the lenses.

Westin & Alex

"I love your house!!"

I said that right after Westin open the door for me. Alex was ready in a beautiful blue dress. Two dogs ran to welcome me at the very first step I got into their place.

"This couple is so CUTE!!!"

Back in January, I told Olivia, one of my amazing friends, after we were done consultation with Westin and Alex. "Omg, I want to take their wedding pictures." Yes, I said that because they are fun and laid back. And I was like, PLEASE HIRE ME!!!

Back to today, I asked Westin and Alex to show me their trailer. They used this trailer to go music festivals. The trailer wall was covered with maps. It was amazing.

I'm sure that you will smile while looking through their pictures. This couple is genuinely beautiful. I can't wait to take pictures of their wedding on April Fool's Day!