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Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

"Next week can you go to Oklahoma to climb Mon thru Wed?", a message from Daniel.

"I have classes." I responded.

5 minutes later

"Alright, I'll go with y'all"

Day One

I went to pick up Daniel and Daniel, his son also name Daniel, at 9AM.
We loaded everything into my car. Dorothy, Daniel's wife, and Pepper, his daughter, came out to sent us having a good trip.

Daniel with his new backpack!

Nat! Take my picture!

We had plenty of food, a tent, bottle of waters, and climbing gears. Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge was 3 hours away from Keller. The traffic was good and we got there at 12PM. Cory, Meagan, Josh, and Keith were already there. 

We unpacked our stuff, set up the tent, and get ready to head out for climbing.

Daniel is setting up our tent.

We headed out to the first spot of climbing.

The view of Quanah Parker Lake from the hiking trail.

Quanah Parker Lake

We continued hiking. The weather was beautiful on the first day.

The Kent!

Cory and Daniel was trying to figure out the way to the destination.

We had another stop for this beautiful view of trees and mountains.

Pictures time!

We found the wall!

We were so excited that we found the wall. However, we looked around and noticed that the first bolt was 20 feet high!

We decided to go for the very easy one, Taco Time 5.6. Daniel and Keith lead-climbed and set up top-rope for the rest of the team.

Daniel was reaching the top.

Daniel got to the top of Taco Time!

You can also hike up to the top of the wall. This view is the reward from the top.

We had fun climbing until 4ish and them we headed to the camp.

We got back to camp started making food. 

Cory was a great singer and guitarist.

Daniel did a great job on singing!

Keith was recording the music that night.

Day Two

Day two started early morning. Daniel made coffee for the very first thing. 

I believe not many people know that Daniel has a coffee farm in Honduras, which he will moved to live there in January 2017.
Check out and support about his coffee farm and mission by clicking the links below.

Daniel's coffee was awesome.

Daniel was telling about his mission trip and coffee farm.

Cory believed that Chuy, Cory's dog, had something wrong with on of his feet.

Cory's breakfast was enough for everyone.

We headed out right after finish eating breakfast.

We stop for a rest once in a while.

Chuy was going strong!

Josh was looking for the beautiful view.

We could not find the wall!

We had been hiking for roughly 3 hours and we could not find the map on the map.

We were tired and exhuastedTherefore, we took a lunch break and made decision to go back.


We hiked back and headed to the bouldering area.

We had fun bouldering until around the Sunset time. Then we needed to head back to the camp before dark.

The sky was crystal clear on the second. I was able to see stars and milky way for the very first time. It was incredible beautiful.

Keith was being the model for this picture!

Daniel's tent

The Last Day

We woke up early on the last day to have coffee. Daniel and I helped pack up everything back to my car and headed back home

It was a wonderful trip with amazing people. I need to do this again.