Wedding Consultation

Wedding Consultation

This webpage will give you a preview of your upcoming wedding day endevors, and an understanding of how wedding photographers work on your important day.



Getting Ready Pictures

"Getting Ready Pictures" are candid pictures while the bride, bridesmaids, and groomsmen are getting ready. I will start capturing the detailed moments when the bride starts wearing make-up. From my experience, the brides appreciate it. I would recommend, the bride to be ready in the bridal dress at least 1-2 hours before the ceremony.

If you decide to have two photographers, the second photographer will be taking "getting ready pictures" of the groomsmen. Otherwise, I will need to confirm the groomsmen's schedule to take pictures of both wedding parties.

Rings and Detail Pictures

I will take pictures of every detail of your wedding. For example, rings, necklace, earrings, wedding shoes or heels will be photographed during "Getting Ready Pictures," and I will also capture venue decoration details before the guests arrive at the venue.


Pre-Ceremony Pictures

"Pre-Ceremony Pictures" are pictures of bridesmaids and groomsmen before the ceremony. This session should take between 15-20 minutes before the ceremony. Usually, these pictures are close by the location the bride and groom are getting married. They can be either outdoor or indoor. We can discuss any special requests.


Additional Activities

Many brides and grooms decide to surprise each other with a gift or a letter. Some of them also want to pray for one another before the ceremony without seeing each other.

These activities can be added to your wedding schedule. However, remember, the bride should be ready at least 1-2 hours before the ceremony.

Additional Activities:
- Gift exchange
- First look
- Praying

Benifits of Hiring a Second Photographer

If the wedding has more than 150 guests, and the wedding details are extravagant, hiring a second photographer could be a better option.

The main photographer, myself, will be following the bride and groom like a shadow, the entire event. I will be responsible for taking care of the main shots such as walking down the aisle, first dance, cutting cake, and send-off.

The second photographer provides the bride and groom more details of the wedding. They will capture other details such as, mother of the bride crying when her daughter gets married, or groom's first sight of bride.


Many churches and venues have rules for photographers. Please let me know if I need to contact with vendors prior the wedding.

Family Portraits

Family portraits occur between the ceremony and reception. These pictures are taken directly after guests leave the ceremony. I'll provide an example list for family portraits for the bride and groom. Family portraits take around 10-15 minutes depending on how many family members are present.




I'll coordinate with your wedding planner and follow your wedding schedule through out the reception. I'll have food the same time as the bride and the groom sit and eat. Food must be provided to photographers if we work with you longer than 6 hours (in the contract).


I will stay until the send-off of your wedding. You can do a FAKE send-off for pictures if you decide to have after-party. Send-off requires number of guests line up at the exit. Therefore, you should prepare to do the send-off when you notice guests are leaving.

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Sneak peak


I'll post sneak peek (5-10) pictures on the day after your wedding on my Facebook. I'll keep posting sneak peak pictures for a week. After that, I'll focus on finishing all of your wedding picture. Please do not forget to add me as a friend on Facebook to see your wedding pictures.

Online Wedding Album

Your online wedding album will be posted within a month after your wedding.

Photo Box


Your wedding photo box will be send within 4 weeks after your wedding days. The photo box will include pictures, 4x6, of your wedding and an USB with all edited wedding pictures.

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I also provide customized package to fit within your budget.

Contact me for information.

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